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How to make 50$ or more per day with neobux!!!


1. Register a new account on NeoBux

Open a Neobux accout here

2. Install AdAlert

Once registered click on this link and install the extension for your favorite browser.

This will keep you up to date with new ads and minijobs available.

3. Click on ads daily

Clicking ads will let you earn enough money to rent your first referrals.

Remember not to miss the orange ones: you need to click all of them once everyday if you want your referrals clicks to be credited.

4. Rent your first referrals

So you earned enough money to start renting referrals. 0.60$ will be your minimum. But I suggest you wait until you saved 1.00$ – 3.00$ or you won’t have enough money to extend or recycle your referrals.

If you’re getting tired, feel free to invest some money to rent new referrals, they’re worth it (I wish I had before).

5. Activate AutoPay


“If you have AutoPay enabled, on the first click a referral makes per day, you’ll pay to keep that referral for an extra day. If the referral does not click, you won’t pay for another day.”

Instead of you having to manually renew your referrals for another month and pay the whole month, AutoPay does the job for you, but daily, so you pay one day for a referral only if he clicked today.

6. Reach 300 rented referrals

Repeat 4 until you reach 300 rented referrals.

You can rent only once per week, so remember the appointment and rent as much referrals you can.

7. Purchase Golden Membership

Save or pay 90$ and purchase Golden Membership

As soon as you become Golden, your earnings will double.


Rented referrals clicks just get doubled.

Rented referrals clicks just get doubled.

8. Reach 2000 rented referrals

8. Reach 2000 rented referrals

Repeat 4 until you reach 2000 rented referrals

9. Purchase Ultimate Membership

Save or pay 890$ and purchase Ultimate Membership

10. Keep renting and get direct referrals

Keep renting as much as you can.

Once you got there, you can start looking for direct referrals.

Detailed guide will follow as soon as I can.

Here you can see some payment proofs:


Neobux Adprize!!!

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How to get over 100 neobux direct refferals per day!!!

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 21

A guaranteed, sure fire way to get direct referrals for free is to use Traffic Exchanges. In
a nutshell, this is how a traffic exchange works. You surf a bunch of websites, earning 1
credit per visit. For 1 credit, you will receive 1 view on your website.
The main reason that referrals stop clicking is that often they are obligated to join
Neobux. If you advertise at a TE site, only those who are interested will join. Your
clicking average becomes much higher as a result, because the referrals will want to do

  EasyHits4U is one of the most well known traffic exchanges around. They have a large
user base with over 400,000 members, and that means lots of potential referrals! Their
system is easy to use and they have tons of tools for you to promote your websites.
EasyHits4U is definitely worth a look.

TrafficG is a simple traffic exchange with a 1:1 surf ratio and they reward you with 10%
of the credits that your referrals surf. The best thing about this program is that they let
you contact your first level referrals directly, so you can train them to succeed.

Traffic Splash is a traffic exchange that delivers solid results. In addition to its unique
design, it has a very friendly staff that is always here to help you. To sign up to Traffic
Splash, go to the link .

A lot of succes people used this metod!!!!

If you don’t have a neobux account, you can join now here

How to make 30$ per day with neobux!!!


Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 19.56.22

Make $20 – $30 per day
Phase 1:
Open a Neobux Account here
Phase 2:
Start clicking on ads everyday (10 min) and don’t miss a single one. This is crucial in the beginning as
you are just starting out and don’t have any referrals. Also, in this stage, you are trying to get 100
clicks so that you can start having direct referrals.
When you reach $0.60 in your balance, it is time to rent your first referrals 3 referrals.
0.001 per ad x 5 ads a day x 120 days = $0.60
You can also do mini jobs to speed up the process. (It took me less than two months)
Phase 3:
Once you have $0.60 in your balance, rent the first 3 referrals. At this point, turn autopay on. This
option is available from the referrals list menu. Referrals cost $0.30 a month to maintain. Instead of
paying for the referral, they will pay themselves as long as autopay is on. You get one penny less
from each referral, but they will be your referral as long as they are active.
As a standard, you receive 0.0005 per click from each referral rented.
Referral clicks:
0.0005 per ad x 4 ads a day x 3 referrals = $0.06 per day
Phase 4:
Keep renting referrals by increments of 3 once you have the money. You can rent bigger packages as
you make more money. Rented Referral Packages come in sizes of 3, 10, 20, 40, etc. Repeat this
process until you have 300 referrals. This will take a few months to accomplish, and this is where
most people flake out.
Referral clicks
0.0005 per ad x 4 ads a day x 300 referrals = $6 per day
When you reach 300 referrals, stop buying referrals and just maintain the ones you already have.
Keep doing this until you have $90 in your balance, and you can use it to pay for the Golden upgrade.
Phase 5:
Once you reach Golden, your referral earnings will double. You will get 0.01 per referral click instead
of 0.005. Also, you will get 0.01 on personal clicks, instead of just 0.001!
Referral clicks
0.01 per ad x 4 ads a day x 500 referrals = $20 per day
Personal clicks
0.01 per ad x 10 ads a day = $0.10 per day
Total daily earnings:
20.00 + 0.10 = $20.10 per day
At this point, it may be tempting to cash out. I don’t recommend cashing out until you have 2000
referrals. Until then, save up your money to rent RR’s until you have 2,000. At this point, you should
be making well over $30 to $40 a day.
Here you can see some payment proof: